South Wenatchee Avenue Improvements

Pipkin has become accustomed to reconstructing the busiest streets in Wenatchee. The project was a complete street, utility, and sidewalk reconstruction that required keeping traffic open at all times. For the team’s efforts, WSDOT/FHWA bestowed it’s 2014 Award of Excellence – Best City Project in the State of Washington. Major items of underground utility work included 1,800 LF of 6-16″ dia. ductile iron water main piping, 1,700 Lf of 12-18″ HDPE storm drain piping, 8 manholes, 16 catch basins. Other major improvements included: street illumination, signing, striping, concrete, and HMA paving.

  • Location: Wenatchee, WA
  • Owner: City of Wenatchee
  • Engineer: City of Wenatchee
  • Status: Completed in 2013