Methow Valley Flood Repair

This was an emergency project to rebuild portions of SR 20 and SR 153 that were damaged do to a sever high water event. The project consisted of removing 1,420 SY of asphalt. Rebuilding 835 LF of roadway shoulder along with placing 1,830 TN of Riprap to armor roadway slopes. Rebuilding, shaping and placing quarry spalls in 2,250 LF of roadside ditches. Various other items including 1,670 TN of HMA, 1,432 SF of shotcrete facing, 72,158 LF of striping, 1,850 LF of Guardrail, 708 EA plantings and 3.81 acres of hydroseeding.

  • Location: Twisp, WA SR 20 & SR 153
  • Owner: WSDOT
  • Engineer: WSDOT
  • Status: Completed in 2014